Making Polar Bears Jealous

Building style is not limited to fashion or to your house, it could be linked to cars too. It is a journey on how you are claiming who you are. It is something you decide to take on, to sand out from the crowd.

Hence, it is linked to your personality, and cars are just an extension of it. People who decide to customise their ride, they do it first of all for themselves. This is the case here with the intro of this beautiful BRZ.

In this example, we are proud at Pitlaneworks, to have been part of this project, making @articbrz happy and bring that bright blue strike the whites of the polar circle.

More interesting, this car is road legal. This means there is no more excuses to enjoy that swag on the road, and compromises in breaking the rules. Instead, build your own rules by deciding how your car should be, and be free to embrace your choices.

This aspect is essential for us at Ptilaneworks. We, as a member of a community, are engaged to make the cars that on some posters in a kid bedroom a reality on our European roads. That vision we had years ago is now possible thanks to papers you can have to make your cars legally usable.

If you are interested to have the same kit, or the paperworks to use your car like our friend above, feel free to contact us. Credit for Pictures; @gorg_f34

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