Back To The ’90s In A Fully Rebuilt Opel Kadett

This 1990 Kadett E has been in Klaus’s family for almost 20 years. It was his granddad’s car from new, up until 2000 when Klaus bought it from him. In the years after, the Kadett was sold then reacquired twice, but in 2012 Klaus decided that the car had too much sentimental value to leave […]

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Boy, some year eh?

Well then. I don’t think there’s a single person among us that would say that 2020 is going to plan. The proverbial shit has hit the fan these last few months, and the Thomas household has been fairly deep in it. Don’t worry, Ash Lyndsey and myself are all, thankfully, still healthy and Covid free. […]
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LS1 Swapped Honda S2000

Looking for more power in his Honda s2000 Felix Wapo swapped a four cylinder F20 for an LS1 v8. The car also features Work Wheels & Airlift suspension.
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