Volkswagen 1.8t Swapped BMW E30

When it comes to motor swaps, Volkswagen’s got a couple. In recent years the VR6 and the 1.8t (AEB) motor have found themselves wrenched from their homes and plopped into new ones.

The 1.8t specifically has become quite the popular swap in ‘God’s Chariot’ aka the BMW e30.

This one belongs to Mike Catell at GT Customs who currently has no less than three swaps on this site. An 1JZ e46 M3, a Beams powered Corolla wagon, and this e30.

Mike picked up this e30 from the previous owner who swapped it into the car, largely in stock form.

In typical Mike fashion the car has remained slammed on Borbet Type A’s. It’s one of Mike’s many street ready machines and is seemingly a great all around runabout.

There’s a saying that goes life is too short for boring daily drivers and Mike certainly seems to believe that.

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